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Employee Coaching

Coaches are not just for executives.  At Pinch-Hitter, we offer coaching service to non-management level personnel.  

Employee coaching is neither mentoring or counseling.  We teach employees how to develop productivity and time management related specific skills needed to performing task and responsibilities, such as establishing priorities and deadlines, delegating and communicating effectively.  Employees juggling the transition between working from home and returning to the office with the added responsibility of child care and homeschooling can also benefit from guidance on how to deal with an overwhelming to-do list.

We offer these services in individual and group coaching sessions.


PH can also be part of an employer's corrective action plan to assist staff struggling with performance and attendance issues.  By learning and applying our methods for improved time management, we are certain the results will contribute to a greater level of productivity and success.  PH will help employees with managing workspace issues both at home and in the office.


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