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Employee Coaching

Coaching is not just for executives.  At Pinch-Hitter, we offer coaching service to non-management level personnel.  

Employee coaching is neither mentoring or counseling.  We teach employees how to develop productivity and time management related skills needed to performing task and responsibilities, such as establishing priorities and deadlines, delegating and communicating effectively.  Employees juggling the transition between working from home and returning to the office with the added responsibility of child care and homeschooling can also benefit from guidance on how to deal with an overwhelming to-do list.
Pinch-Hitter offers specialized productivity coaching services for individuals and teams, aiming to enhance their productivity and maximize their potential. Our coaching programs are tailored to the specific needs of each client, whether it's an individual or a team, and we also incorporate any corrective action plan provided by the employer.
Our coaching approach focuses on helping individuals and teams develop and apply effective time management skills, techniques, and strategies. We understand the importance of completing daily tasks and project assignments as planned, within the designated time frame, and without exceeding the allocated budget. Therefore, our coaching programs aim to equip participants with the necessary tools to accomplish their responsibilities efficiently.

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