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About Me

Josephine Paige, CPO and founder of Pinch-Hitter Professional Organizing and Productivity Solutions, LLC, is a productivity and time management expert, budget coach and space strategist. She has more than 25 years of experience coaching, leading workshops and seminars, and providing spatial organization and productivity services to businesses and professional clients throughout New York City and New Jersey.


Prior to launching her own business, Josephine worked in the financial and insurance industries consulting for such companies as Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Financial and Deutsche Bank. Throughout her career, she witnessed firsthand how being chronically disorganized can cost organizations time and money. She founded Pinch-Hitter with the mission to partner with these kinds of businesses to design and organize successful and productive work environments.

Today, Josephine is a respected authority on organizing and productivity. Utilizing her "Six Basic Steps to Organization & Productivity" method, many clients -- large and small -- have transformed the way their businesses excel to success through organization.  She has been recognized by the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals®, earning the prestigious Certified Professional Organizer and Golden Circle designation for exceptional service, expertise and commitment to the organizing and productivity profession.


Josephine is also a much sought-after speaker and workshop leader, known for her relaxed but articulate and warm style. She is frequently cited as an industry expert by the press, and her first book will be published later this year.


Josephine has a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University.  She has also earned a Corporate Paralegal certificate from Adelphi University.


Josephine resides in Jersey City, NJ.

There’s a way to gain success in 

business with improved organization and productivity and Josephine and her team are prepared to provide the guidance to achieve it!

Josephine Paige is an Employee Coach, Professional Organizer, Business Consultant, Time Management Expert and Speaker.
She believes teaching organization and productivity in a non-judgmental, empathetic, compassionate and pragmatic strategy can co-exist to create a harmonic, and productive balance in business with an engaged team.

About My's simple and done in six basic steps!

Our Approach

Sort & Purge

  • Phase 1

  • Performed on all task

  • One task at a time

  • Group like tasks together

  • Then the hard part...set priorities

Analyze & Assign

  • Phase 2

  • Let's think about this!

  • Analyze the big picture

  • Apply level of importance to tasks

  • Assign priority to tasks based on value

Contain & Maintain

  • Phase 3

  • The easy and the hard phase!

  • The easy part - Simple repeat Phase 2

  • To maintain productivity and order, tasks must be consistently analyzed and assigned.

  • The hard part - Consistency of behavior.

About My Clients

About My Clients


"Your insightful workshop showed our staff a whole new way of approaching project planning and execution.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their level of productivity."


"Our staff has been applying Pinch Hitter's organizing steps and we're getting more done than ever before.  The work day is more productive for all of us."


Financial Reporting, Paper Management, Research 

"The amount of paper is significantly less, and we are so much closer to becoming completely paperless.  Thanks to you, our work accuracy and efficiency has become easier to achieve."

Company Manager - SCOR

"Pinch-Hitter's guidance on consolidating preparing our reports has made the end of the month less stressful."

Company Manager - SCOR

Space Planning, Organizing Space, 

"Pinch-Hitter pulled it off!  The work met all the legal and spatial requirements, and the booths flowed and were very well laid-out."

Susan P.  - DG Expo

"Our supplies and multi-work spaces are functional now!  Your knowledge and experience is already saving us time and money.  Thanks."

Myani L. - Bergen Lafayette Montessori School

Consultant & Advisor

"The research was extensive. but you produced thorough results. Impressive."

Company Manager - SCOR

"Without your logical thinking and planning, we would have never reached our program goals.  Thank you for sharing your expertise."



"Your direction and guidance have significantly helped me plan my day better.  Most days, at the end of the day I can leave the office on time. Thank you for that!"

Rosemarie S. - Pratima

"The Pinch-Hitter coaching sessions really helped our clients improve on setting priorities and completing task on time, which will ensure their path to success."

Jessenia S. - Dress For Success

We Organize Businesses for Success
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About Giving Back

Pinch-Hitter is proud to support a wide range of nonprofits with donations.  For more information about these organizations or to make your donation, please visit our Community Charity Directory. 

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