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Professional Organizer, Brooklyn, Kings County, Manhattan, NYC, NJ, New Jersey


We Organize Businesses for Success!

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How We Can Help Your Business

Pinch-Hitter supports your unique work environment

Pinch-Hitter, a Professional Organizing & Productivity company based in Jersey City, NJ,  has more than 25 years of experience providing strategic productivity resources that will improve those aspects of  business that have long been neglected or never realized as vital to the success of business.


We look at business from a micro-productivity perspective.  What we mean by that is we address the internal components of a company that are so minute they do not receive the attention they deserve relative to the impact they have on an organization’s performance and ultimate success.


In today’s micro-second world, business owners rarely have the time to look backward to assess their condition.  Those small and apparently insignificant aspects of the business environment may appear to have no impact on the bottom line but, when examined closely, significantly influence the financial success of an operation.















For example:

  • When you can’t find information because your files or digital information are inaccessible or irretrievable;

  • When work results in incomplete or late information needed to make a decision or respond to a client’s needs;

  • When financial reports are needed but late, incomplete or inaccurate; or

  • Spacial conflicts impact staff performance and workflow.

These conditions appear insignificant until they are not, and they become significant when they affect the bottom-line and morale.

A productivity centric organization consists of a team that is engaged and enthusiastic about providing an exceptional team experience by building a better relationship with each other.

A team that is aligned and committed to a performance driven culture translates into less employee turnover, increased customer retention and financial success.

Pinch-Hitter focus is on non-management personnel.  Our flagship service is non-management coaching and consulting that is based on our six basic steps to productivity and organization.  The services are exclusively designed to support non-management personnel and the challenges they experience in meeting the day-to-day responsibilities of the organization.

Our goal is to be the go-to source to address physical and virtual space challenges, as well as providing the coaching needed to help employees improve productivity.


We will help your business achieve improved performance by providing support in time management, productivity, and organization.

We Organize Businesses for Success
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Professional Certifications & Affiliates

NAPO Certified Professional Organizer
NAPO member Professional Organizer
NAPO Professional Organizer
Hudson County Chamber of Commerce
Productivity Coach
Organizers for Charity
NAPO Professional Organizer
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