Ten Things to Keep any Closet Organized

  1. Install lighting. Why? The most obvious reason is it helps make it easier to see the difference between black and blue clothing! More importantly it encourages order. Opening a closet with no light is like walking into a room with no light. You may be able to see a little, but when you turn on the light you can see even more.

  2. Make sure your shelves are deep enough for what you are storing. I recommend shelves of no less than 16 inches. If you’re storing linen or blankets install 20 inch shelves. Why? There is no worst eye sore than things hanging over the edge of a shelf. It automatically makes the closet look small. Also it can be dangerous. Most importantly, it will allow for more storage space and better arrangement.

  3. Purchase solid instead of wired shelving. Why? Solid shelves provide more stability and will prevent spillage from leaks or items from falling beyond the shelf it is stored on. If you choose wired shelves, then purchase clear plastic liners too.

  4. Add stacking shelves to create additional shelving. Why? Some shelves have more vertical space than needed for current storage. So, to optimize storage consider adding an additional shelf to create more usable space.

  5. Use shelf dividers. Why? It’s key if you’re going to store clothing on the shelves. Shelf dividers will create stability and prevent items from leaning over to maintain a more orderly and pleasing appearance.

  6. Use your closet door for storage. This will add additional cubic feet to your storage area. There are great over the door storage tools available. I always consider doors when creating storage space.

  7. Store items in crystal clear drawers. Why? It’s easier to identify what is in each drawer. Personally, it’s easier to maintain order with drawers than just placing items on a shelf or bins. Bins are usually stacked and no one wants to unstack and re-stack containers when removing and replacing items. Bins are for long-term storage. I recommend using crystal clear drawers for frequently used items.

  8. Install a metal rod. Hangers simply slide across it better than wood and it eliminates the paint chips and splinters often associated with wooden rods.

  9. Get rid of those wired hangers. Why? Preservation of clothing is about care and one of the most important factors in caring for clothing is what we hang them on. (I strongly suggest using the velvet type because they will protect your clothes from snagging.) I find attaching the clips for skirts and pants annoying. Use a skirt hanger for each skirt and pair of pants. If you have a hanger for each piece of clothing you do not have to maneuver multiple pieces of clothing when hanging up your stuff (The idea is to make maintaining an organized system as easy as possible.) But if you have the patience to add the clips then they are as good a choice as any. But NEVER allow wired hangers into your closet.

  10. Always use coat hangers for coats and heavy outerwear. I’ve seen everything from wire hangers to baby hangers used to attempt to hang coats…it never works and makes the closet look totally disorganized. Use a suitable built hanger and your closet will please your eye and most of all you’ll be able to find things better.

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