Basic Organizing - Step 3 - Analyze

Step 3 in Organizing:

Step 3 to 6 will address the items in the KEEP category from step 2.

It is critical that you assessed when, where and how the item(s) in the KEEP category are utilized. When you begin to address the answers to these questions you will have a better picture of where and how you should store your possessions…any possession. (From this point on I am going to use women shoes to demonstrate the remaining steps in the organizational process. (It’s the thing I have the most of!))

Keeping things can be overwhelming.....after all it’s the things we KEEP that can create clutter. Since the goal of Organizing is to eliminate clutter I want to make certain that I provide information in a way that everyone reading this post, no matter how they view space and the stuff they want to KEEP, will feel that Organizing is a doable process.

When analyzing what to do with the stuff you are going to keep always consider the following:

  • frequency of use

  • size of items(s)

  • order of use; and

  • durability.

The analysis should be performed within the groups created during the sorting process. (these groups have probably been sorted based on the zone or room you typically use these items in.)

Please post any questions you have about “Analysis” for a response.

In the next post we will examine “Degree of Order” and how to apply it to the Analyze” step in organizing.

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