Basic Organizing - Step 2 - Purge continued

Step 2 in Organizing:

Purge - items in the GIVE-AWAY category are a little harder to eliminate. They are harder to eliminate because we are creatures of habit and GIVE-AWAY items tend to be items we would rather keep even though we know we have no use for them...isn't that what clutter is! The best way to approach this step in the Organizing process is to secure an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. (...An Accountability Partner can be a friend, neighbor, family member or a Professional Organizer). This will be someone you give permission to support, encourage and sometime push you to move forward in this process. (keep your ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER CLOSE, YOU WILL PROBABLY NEED THEM SEVERAL TIMES IN THE ORGANIZING PROCESS.) How to move through this step: Call everyone you want to give items to. Let them know that items will be held for a specific time and will not be available after that time. (I suggest 7 days). Give you ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER permission to remove the items if they are not removed by the agreed time. On the 8th day you and your ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER will discard the items. (Don't worry you will give them away to your favorite charity, homeless shelter, nursing home, women's support organization, hospital, library or soup kitchen.) Best of all they will no longer be in your home and you will have given these items to someone or an institution that can use them NOW! Next: What to do with the items in the KEEP category?

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