This is a list of some questions and answers most potential clients are interested in knowing.  Please if you have a question that has not been addressed give us a call 201-618-0278 we would be happy to answer it or discuss any questions you may have further concerns about. 

       How are rates applied?


Rates apply to all virtual sessions and physical time.  Rates apply to errands including related travel time.  Rates apply to all research and communication i.e. phone calls, text and email related to an organizing project.  All fees are service fees only and do not include the cost of any purchases or third party vendor charges.  Service after normal business hours will incur additional charges.


     Does the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) sessions have a minimum number hour requirement?


Yes. There is a 4 hour minimum for single sessions. Thereafter all services are billed in 15 minute increments. Payment is due in full at the end of each single session, including any reimbursement for supplies.  There are no minimum hours when a Silver, Gold or Platinum discount package is purchased.


     What is the Assessment fee?


The fee is $310 for coaching and $360 business for up to 2-hour assessment.  Each additional hour is $155 coaching and $180 business.  Any hours after the 2 hours of assessment will be applied to the first single session or to the total cost of a pre-paid discount package.  However, the assessment fee is waived when a deposit for the first session is made at the end of the assessment.


     How much is the deposit for pre-paid packages and PAYG?


The deposit for both the pre-paid discount package and PAYG is $310 (coaching) and $360 (business).  A deposit of $250 is required to confirm each PAYG session.  The balances due at the end of the PAYG session is based on the total number of hours used in the single session. (Four hour minimum.)

The pre-paid discount package balance is paid in full at the end of the first session. 


     How much is the deposit for Coaching and Business Consulting Services?


There is a one hour deposit for each coaching session. The balance is due at the end of the coaching session.  The Consulting service deposit varies depending on the task plus an estimate of any anticipated expenses. The Consulting balance is based on the total number of hours used to complete the task.  The balance of Consulting hours are paid in full at the completion of each task or session, whichever comes first. The cancellation policy applies to Coaching and Consulting Services as well.  Deposits are non-refundable after 48 hours from scheduled start time.


     Is there a cancellation Policy?


Yes. There is a 48 hour session cancellation policy for all services including discount packages.  Cancellation of discount package and PAYG scheduled sessions in less than 48 hours from the start time will result in a lost of 4 hours or the number of hours scheduled whichever is greater.   In the case of a discount package the hours will be deducted from your remaining hours and for pay-as-you-go clients you will receive an invoice for same.  Late cancellations due to unexpected illness or other emergencies will be evaluated on an individual basis.


     Is there anything I should know about insurance?


Due to insurance restrictions, we are not allowed to provide transportation unless it is in the client's vehicle.  For liability purposes shoes and other related work protection are required.  We are fully insured with General Liability and Professional Liability coverage.


     Does the discount apply to additional Organizers?


The rate for each additional organizer hired when you purchase a Business discounted package is the current 15% discount rate.  


     If I don't use all my hours can I get a refund?


No. Unused hours purchased in a package or in single sessions are not refundable.  However, when you purchase a Silver, Gold or Platinum discount package unused hours never expire.  You can use them at any time and/or you can give them to anyone within 5 miles of residence or business (if a business package) address at time of purchase.  

The hours may also be donated to a charity (501c3) within 5 miles of residence or business address.  

Please note: You may give business package hours to a residence or business.  However, a residential package cannot be given to a business other than a charity (501c3).


     Please explain "Locked-in Rates"?


When you purchase a Silver or Gold discount package, additional hours purchased within 12 months from the date of purchase will be at the same hourly rate as the initial package. The minimum hours required to be purchased is 24.

When you purchase a Platinum discount package, additional hours purchased within 12 months from the date of purchase will be at the same hourly rate as the initial package.  The minimum hours required to be purchased is 40.

Rates changes will not affect the hourly rate of minimum purchase packages.  Rates may be changed without advance notice.  No additional discounts or coupons apply to the advertised discount.


     What benefits and rules apply to Sales?


Hours NEVER expire. Hours are NOT transferable. There is a 4 (four) hour minimum per session. Unless otherwise indicated ALL sales require at least the purchase of 24 hours.  Must receive payment for all sale hours no later than sale expiration date.  Sale rate is NOT "locked in" after sale expires.  If payment is other than check or cash there is a 3% plus .30 transaction fee. Additional Organizers are $90 per hour. 


     What are fees for after published business hours consultation/advising services?


Service rates offered after published business hours and holidays vary.  Six (6) hour minimum at 1.5 hourly rate or 2x hourly rate as related to service.


     Speaking Protocol


                      We need at least two weeks notice for speaking engagements.

                      Our honorarium/commission is $1000 plus applicable travel, lodging, meals and parking. 

                      Email Josephine directly at jpaige@pinch-hitter.com to schedule an appearance.


What form of payment do you accept and when is payment due?
Are there any additional fees?


We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover card. 

We also accept checks, cash, debit cards.  There is a $45 check fee for any returned checks.

Of course any cash payments will be followed with a receipt. 


The PayPal transaction fees apply to all payment methods except cash, check and debit cards.

The PayPal transaction fee is 3% plus .30 cent.

All fees apply to residential and business transactions.


For PAYG the balance is due at the end of the session and is based on the total number of hours used in a single session, minus the deposit. (Four hour minimum.)

The DISCOUNT package balance is due, in full,  at the end of the first session, minus the deposit.


COVID-19 Update:  All services are via video conference until further notice. 

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