There’s a way to gain success in your

home, business and life


Josephine and her team are prepared to show you!

Josephine Paige is a Professional Organizer, Consultant, Coach, Life/Business Advisor, Speaker and Time Management Expert.
She believes organization is a non-judgmental, empathetic, compassionate and pragmatic strategy which can co-exist to create a harmonic, peaceful and productive balance in anyone's life.


Her Approach.....it's simple and done in six basic steps!

Sort & Purge

  • Phase 1

  • Performed on all items

  • One zone at a time

  • Group like items

  • Then the hard part...what to get rid of!

Analyze & Assign

  • Phase 2

  • Only applied to what you keep

  • Let's think about this!

  • What works for your personality?

  • How do you think?

Contain & Maintain

  • Phase 3

  • The easy and the hard parts!

  • The easy part - put it in it's place!

  • But you have to keep it up to maintain the order

  • The hard part - upkeep!